Shooting Lover Soap Set (6 Soaps & Soap Dish)

Show the shooting sports lover in your life some SOAP LOVE! Fun shooting themed soaps great for both men & women!
A new addition to the gift set this year is True Grit, the perfect bar for removing dirt, grime and oil from hands. This is a great goat milk bar that contains a healthy dose of pumice, bentonite clay and activate charcoal to clean the dirtiest of skin but with added Shea butter to keep the skin moist. Pumice is finely ground volcanic rock & is an excellent natural abrasive & exfoliant. It scrubs the skin clean from dirt, tar, paint, grease, oil & adhesives. The bentonite clay has strong oil absorbing properties without drying the skin. Scented in a blend of anise & orange essential oils that help remove even the worst odors and leave your hands smelling fresh.
The gift set contains the soaps below plus 1 handcrafted natural cedar soap dish. The slats in the design work perfectly to let your soaps drain & dry between uses, prolonging the life of your soaps.
 Soap Scent
Dead Pair (2) - 70mm
Bergamot & Cedarwood
Out Clean (2) - Midi
Smoked Wood & Balsam
Hoppes No. 9 (1)
Gun Oil (really it's lemony)
True Grit (1)
Orange, Anise & Pumice


All soap is a mixture of oils, lye and liquid. When combined, it results in soap + glycerin. The big difference is what happens from here.

 Commercial Soap

Mountain Goat Soaps


Driven by profits, commercial soap producers remove the vegetable glycerin and sell it at a higher markup in other products (like lotion).


In our handmade soap, the glycerin is retained in the bar, and combines with coconut, olive and other high quality oils to nourish your skin.


To create more lather without the glycerin, harsh chemicals are added such as SLS (causes skin irritation) and parabens (linked to cancer).


Cold process soap has no need to add harsh chemicals. The result? Happy, healthy skin. You will feel the difference and never go back.

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