How long does a bar of soap last?

Our bar soaps normally last about a month in the shower, longer at the hand sink. The trick is to keep the soap dry between uses (draining soap dish).

How much do your soaps weigh?

Most soaps weigh approximately 4.5 oz. Each bar is hand cut, so there may be tiny variations but we try to err on the generous side. The specific weights are included in each product description after the ingredients.

Can I use your soap on my face?

Of course you can! You can use them for your hands, body or face. Stella's RUFF Soap does contain pumice that we do not recommend for use on the face.

Are your soaps safe for kids & babies?

Simple answer...yes. All of our soaps are gentle enough to use on little ones. We also offer a few extremely mild & fragrance free soaps and one soap containing colloidal oatmeal for extra-sensitive skin.  They are listed in the Specialty Soap collection.

Do you use lye in your soap making process?

Yes, we do use lye. In fact, you cannot make soap without using lye, but it is NOT present in the finished product. We use the cold process method of making our soap where we combine sodium hydroxide (lye) and a liquid (milk or water) and a combination of oils & butters. These molecules combine & a chemical reaction takes place called saponification and a different substance is created...soap! 

 Will my soap look exactly like the one in the picture? 

We try very hard to use pictures that are representative of the soap you will get. But, every hand-poured batch is different so there may be some color & design variations.