Our Story

Inspired by the Outdoors. Handmade for You.

Outside is our favorite color! At our small soap company in Kansas, we handcraft natural, artisan soap with the very best natural ingredients, scents, lather & longevity. Our soap designs are inspired by the beauty & colors of the outdoors and are simple, natural, beautiful. It's like having a tiny piece of natural art in your shower. We pay particular attention to how our products smell. We want them to evoke pleasant memories important to you while providing your skin with the nourishment it needs.

About our soap..

I've always been particularly sensitive & aware of how things smell no matter how subtle.  I don't notice much about people's appearance, but I DO know what they smell like. Just ask my husband, who can cut his hair or shave off his mustache and weeks go by before I notice.  Change his cologne...now THAT gets my attention. It's like sleeping with a stranger. I'm the same way with other smells...I associate particular scents with places & memories.  So, I pay particular attention to how our soaps smell. I want them to evoke pleasant memories of people & places important to you. There are also soaps that smell like fire, gunpowder, explosions & bourbon.  That's Merle. He likes them, so we make those too.

My soap designs are inspired by the beauty & colors of the outdoors and are simple, natural, beautiful & MEANT TO BE USED.  They don't have have glitter, unicorn horns or mermaid tails. They don't look like cupcakes or cake frosting. They are simply great, precisely handcrafted soaps from the best ethically sourced, natural ingredients scented to make you feel good.

Making soap is part creative process & part science experiment. I don't consider myself very creative. I do best with order and precision. I find joy in figuring out exactly which combinations of ingredients work best & a different kind of joy in the coloring & pouring of the soap to make it beautiful. I want to share the joy that is handmade soap with everyone. It really will change your life & your skin for the better. 

A little more about us...

We are avid outdoors people & love all things adventure. We love our friends, family, dogs & animals, not necessarily in that order. We've lived all over the US but our hearts live in the mountains. The mountain goat has always been my spirit animal & is the perfect icon for our company - it climbs to the top & never fears falling!

We believe in living life to the fullest & finding joy in the smallest of things. We appreciate quality & beauty in the products we choose to buy & use but we aren't fancy people. We take the roads less traveled. Our shop mascots are our french bulldogs Stella & Avery. They are non-stop entertainment and reminds us daily to take the time to be joyful and snuggle the people close to you.

When we aren't making soap, you can find us doing all things outdoors including mountain climbing, hiking, mountain biking, trail running, camping and 4-wheeling. When we aren't doing those things, we enjoy great food, a good bourbon, cigars, anything with Tito's in it & relaxing with our friends. 

We hope you enjoy our products. When you buy from us, you don't just get soap...you get friends. Life's short...live on the edge!


Our shop mascot & shipping assistant, Stella.

Welcome to our store! Come in, look around & enjoy!